All The Classics

We have spent many years building our library. We have over a thousand streams available and a few thousand in backlog waiting to be transcoded.


Transcoding & Upscaling

With our proprietary encodoing software we are able to keep the streams looking sharp and the bandwidth low.


iPhone & iPad Optimized

Watch on any iOS device, even MacOS (Big Sur). The streams look good on the phone. They look great on the iPad.


What is Silver Stream?

Silver Stream is a mobile streaming app with a focus on preserving and digitizing Classic Films, TV Shows, TV Movies, and Historic Live Events. We have spent years locating and transcoding the classic media of the Silver Screen. We now have 1020 streams and counting.

Our propriety encoding software is working 24/7 to keep the streams looking crisp and the bandwidth latency low. We're not stopping at Classic Films. We are working on adding Classic TV Shows, TV Movies, Presidential Debates, and other historic events.

Through the use of AI and Machine Learning Infererence we are able to use pre-trained models to upscale the resolution. We have just begun this process and will be rolling it in the very near futture.

The vast majority of our library falls in the public domain. For other Streams we have acquired a streaming license. If you have any questions about Copyright or DMCA please contact as us using the Support form.

Silver Stream is free to download. Start streaming and become a monthly subscriber to unlock unlimited streaming.

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Silver Stream Updates

  • Working with AI and Machine Learning Infererence we have begun to upscale featured streams to further enhance the Silver Stream experience.
  • Over 1000 streams! We have spent years building our library of classic films and tv shows.
  • Nov 23 2020 Live in the App Store!

Sliver Stream Screen Shots

We believe in UI simplicity. We strive to make it easy to find and watch a classic stream.

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Have something to tell us? A question? A comment? A bug found in the app? A DMCA request? Click on the support button on the bottom right, fill out the form, and we'll get right back to you.